Monday, April 26, 2010

I'll Give It A Go

I like to think of myself as open-minded and I'll try almost anything once. However, this scenario never once crossed my mind before it presented itself.

I was visiting a wonderful book club a couple of weeks ago and met a woman who is an "animal communicator." Now I've heard of these people, who, like Dr. Dolittle really can talk to the animals. My cousin -- she who cannot say no to a stray of any kind -- has been surprised by the accuracy of an animal communicator she knows. Anyway, this lovely woman at the book club offered to have a little chat with my dog, Bear, and let my readers know what it's like to be the sidekick of an author.

As I said, I'm open minded, so "Sure, I said, let's give it a go."

So here's what my Bear had to say to me through Shannon Gross (, the animal communicator:
--he'd been on his own for a while before he went to the animal shelter
--he knew that I wasn't "looking" for him when I came there, but when I saw him I knew (true) and he was glad because the cats' noises were stressing him out
--Bear says my husband needs to take his mind away from numbers sometimes (true) and that he likes the designing phase of things (ultra true)
--he says that I need to let myself enjoy putting my hands in the earth (gardening) and accept the thoughts that come while I'm working there; don't force my creativity before it's ready
--apparently Bear "sees' my characters while I'm working and says I build the women though a different process than I do the men (true)
--Bear takes his job of helping me find the calm place where the stories come from very seriously

Well, working with me or not, Bear does bring calm to my life, that much I can say is a fact.

For the next two weeks, Bear is open for questions via Shannon. Please post any questions you have for Bear on Facebook and my animal communicator friend will see if he'll share his answers with us. Like I said, I'll try anything once if it can be done without harm or peril!


  1. Very fun post to read. There have been so many times when I wished I could read the minds of my pets (as when they urinate on the floor or something and I feel so betrayed by such an act) LOL. Sometimes I'm pretty sure I talk to my cat, Luna, but that's only in pictures.

    I do think some people are much more gifted in special ways than most people realize.