Sunday, August 9, 2009

Don't Get the Wrong Idea ...

... about my obsession with food, but seriously, the Indiana State Fair has started and I can't wait to get there -- and the food is the reason.

Let's see, I'll start with a lemon shake-up, cause I'll be thirsty from the walk in ninety-degree heat from the car. Then I'll have to hit my very favorite food before I get too full to really enjoy it: elephant ear! Hot, fried, buttery with cinnamon sugar, what a way to consume about a thousand calories (I'm not really exaggerating here).

Then, just to walk a bit and make room for more fair food, I'll go watch the pig race and check out the piglets with the Grand Champion Sow. This is always a highlight. Those little piggies are sooooo cute. I mentally separate them completely from the pork products to follow.

No fair experience would be complete without a stop at the dairy concession. I could be a good girl and get a cold glass of milk, but I prefer soft-serve ice cream. I think they even have cheesecake on a stick this year!

Now, after walking and looking at some of the exhibits, I'll swing by the pork chop tent and get a real meal, which of course will only be completed when I add the mountain of curley fried potatoes. Mmmmmm.

There are a few items even I, the ever intrepid food junkie, will not be trying: Fried pizza -- why mess with perfection? A fried turkey leg -- seriously a girl has to draw the line somewhere and walking around with a giant drumstick in hand just does nothing for my feminine image. Waayyy too caveman. And believe it or not, those suckers have as many calories as one of my glorious elephant ears. I also won't be partaking in the newest craze: chocolate covered bacon. Yes, you read it correctly, bacon. Although I'm a fan of both bacon and chocoalte, some things just shoult NOT be mixed.

Of course, I'll be taking a stroll around to see what other culinary delights might be new to me, so this list could get much longer.

And on my way out I'll be stopping to take home a box of salt-water taffy and a three-foot-long bag of kettle corn. Oh make that two of each, because I need to share with, my mother.

Oh, and maybe I can think of a way to integrate this trip into a suspense novel....

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